The Recruitment Process

The Recruitment Process

To join Humberside Police as a Special Constable you will have to successfully complete our recruitment process. There are 4 stages to our recruitment process all of which you must attend/pass before you can join us.

Below is a brief outline of the 4 stages.

1. The Application Form

You will be asked to complete an online Special Constabulary application form. It is important that you complete this form in as much detail as possible to proceed.

Shortlisting Application.
Once you have submitted your application form will be assessed and shortlisted.

Eligibility Check.
We will check that you meet our eligibility criteria, ensuring you meet all the necessary requirements.
You can find the eligibility criteria document here.

There are also certain occupations that may stop you from joining as a Special Constable. Please have a look at the list of Precluded Occupations here.

You will also be asked to submit photos of your tattoos with your application. We require one closeup of all your tattoos and one at a distance so we can see where the tattoo is located. We need to consider every tattoo regardless of visibility or not. The eligibility of tattoos can be found within the Eligibility Requirements section.

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2. The Assessment Process

Pre-Sift Assessment.
The national sift consists of two exercises,: the situational judgement test (SJT) and a behavioural styles questionnaire (BSQ). These exercises are used to assess capabilities, strengths and behaviours that are important within the role of a Special Constable.

Situational judgement test.
The SJT assesses your judgement and decision-making skills in relation to job relevant situations. In the exercise, you will be presented with 15 scenarios that reflect challenging situations you may face when working in the role.

Behavioural styles questionnaire.
The BSQ measures your typical behaviour and preferences at work. The purpose of the questionnaire is to assess whether you have the right behaviours and attitudes to be effective in the role.

An Online Interview.
If you are successful with the pre-sift assessment, you will be invited to participate in our in force interview process. The interviews take approximately 35 minutes and are usually conducted via Teams.

The interview will consist of several questions which will be marked using our force interview marking system, so we are able to assess your suitability as a Special Constable.


3. Pre-employment Checks

If you are successful at the assessment process there are several pre-employment checks that need to be completed.
• Vetting - this means having no criminal convictions (some minor offences may be considered on an individual basis)
• Medical assessment - including Body Mass Index
• References (employment/character)
• Biometric testing (fingerprints and DNA)
• Fitness Test – you must meet the police officer standard of 5.4 bleep test.
• Tattoo panel – any visible tattoos will be reviewed

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4. Receive an Offer

On you have successfully completed the recruitment process you will be offered a place on our next available training course.
Have a look at the The Role page which will give you an understanding of the role of a Special Constable.