Initial Training

This involves student officers attending weekends and evenings of classroom training at the Police Training Centre in Hull, It is essential that you can commit to all of the training.

A copy of the current Training Programme can be found here. Please note that this is an example and, if you are successful, not the dates of your course.

The training will involve such things as powers of arrest, public order, burglary and theft and dealing with vulnerable people to name but a few. It will culminate with a series of written examinations and role play days where you will be assessed in order to ensure that you have the required level of knowledge and skill before you are attested.

Please be aware that it is vitally important that you can commit to all of the training sessions.

Special constables in a training classroom

Officer Safety Training

As part of your initial training, you will undertake 2 days of First Aid Training and 3 days of Officer Safety Training.

This will give you the skills to handle most situations that you come across whilst out on patrol. You will also be shown how to correctly use all of the personal protective equipment that is issued to you.

Back of handcuffed man being held by the arm by a special constable


All Student Special Constables have to be attested (sworn in) prior to being able to carry out the role of a Special Constable and being allowed to exercise their warranted powers.

The attestation is currently held at the Training Centre and you will read the attestation document in the presence of a Magistrate, and the Chief Constable, or his representative.

Attestation certificate

Continuous Training

Throughout your time as a Special Constable you will be offered continuous training in order that you have the skillset to carry out your duties. These can include, among others, Public Order Training, driving of various police vehicles and IT skills.

Special constables working on computers